Vera Sytch photography
Kuna mother with child 
San Blas IslandsYoung Kuna woman sitting on hammock
Darien JungleWitch doctor's son
Darien JunglePastor Tino making his rounds at dawn
Darien JungleMother with children at chief's hut
Darien Jungle
Chief's son and grandson in family home
Darien JungleSupper
Darien JungleKuna girl before impending storm
Darien JungleKuna woman in hammock 
with her two children
Darien JungleButcher and store owner
Darien JungleMarianna by the school
San Blas IslandsKuna woman with dog
San Blas IslandsKuna woman cooking plantains
San Blas IslandsThree boys by the water
San Blas IslandsKuna mother with child
San Blas IslandsChild in doorway with dog
San Blas IslandsKuna man with his dog, Laika
San Blas Islands
Removing corn kernels from the cob
San Blas IslandsAlbino Kuna man with his sewing
San Blas IslandsKuna girl by hammock
San Blas Islands
The Kuna are an indigeneous people group in Panama. They live on politically autonomous comarcas (reservations) in the San Blas Islands on the northern coast of Panama and in the Darien Jungle on the mainland.

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