Vera Sytch photography
Neighborly chatHelping with the laundryOuthouse with chickensOlyaOctogenarian sistersSolomna village womanFishing at the local pondSoup's onKatyaNatalia by the shedMykola and his cow KalynaOlya in the doorway of her homeAndrijkoTaking a bathKatya and Oleh with ducksHorse with wagon awaiting their ownerOrysia with her cowTaking the cows to pasture in the misty dawn, PetrylivWater baptismTeklia with bread and teaUlana calling geeseShowing off a very large rabbitMaria
Village life in Ukraine
Visiting a Ukrainian village is like stepping back in time. Life isn't easy, but the pace is slower, and people's expectations are simpler. They live in tune with the land and the seasons.

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