Vera Sytch photography
Three generation of Wolof womenWaitingGetting a numberIn the waiting room - Ker MakhaleYoung Wolof patientWaiting for the dentist - Ker MakhaleMissionary nurse examining child - MbaakheMissionary nurse making notesTwo doctors, one examining roomEar waxMissionary doctor making spinal adjustment - MbakheMissionary doctor examining young boyEye exam
Medical mission
Most villagers in Senegal don't have access to doctors or even to common medicines. If someone is ill, they go to the witch doctor. Only when a person is in a critical state do they seek out a medical doctor. But often it's too late.

Medical teams setting up clinics in the bush are rare but very welcome. Villagers from miles and miles around trek across the sub-Saharan sands and wait in long lines, sometimes all day, to see a doctor.

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